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Foto: Bjørn Backelin

«Trollpakk» – The music treasure of the Nordic

The musical duo Lena Heide-Brennand and Luna Leandra Rustad guides us through the captivating rich folk music treasure of the Nordic

16. juli 2023
Fredrikstad Domkirke

Del i sosiale medier:

The musical entertainment duo Trollpakk, consisting of singer and lecturer Lena Heide-Brennand and musician and percussionist Luna Leandra Rustad, will this evening guide us through the captivating universe of the rich folk music treasure of the Nordic region. They will tell the story of how folk beliefs and folk tunes developed before, during and after the transition to Christianity in the Nordics and they will also sing some selected, evocative hymns from the Baroque and modern times.

The entire performance is a toned down session with a focus on atmosphere and many of the songs are performed a cappella as they originally were meant. This will be an evening where we will have the opportunity to get an enchanting insight into fragments of the Nordic cultural history and how folk poetry for a whole millennium has gone hand in hand with the development of the musical pearls that are found between the covers of the Christian book of psalms. We will meet the terrifying creature Nøkken, the alluring hulder, Norway’s most beloved baroque psalm composers and many more. Warm welcome.

Konserten framføres under Tall Ships Races, med introduksjon på engelsk. Samme konsert gjentas mandag 17. juli kl 17.00, med norsk presentasjon.